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Do you face these problems?

Your child cannot sit properly during LIVE classes? Because the lessons are too boring, too lengthy and the teachers are not prepared to teach LIVE?

  • Kids cannot focus for LIVE classes as they are too lengthy

  • It’s hard to find quality lessons like Left-Right Brain Development

  • The quality of the teachers and syllabus is not up to standard

  • Money wasted on lots of programs that are not complete nor comprehensive

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Bringing You The Solution

Find out how we can solve all of your problems!

Want your kids to learn online with a Comprehensive & Structured syllabus?

Here’s how you CAN! With 90 minutes of lessons each day, SUPER CHARGE your child’s brain development for only RM 9.83 a day!

  • Comprehensive learning syllabus held to International standards & Impressive Left-Right Brain program!

  • Most Affordable pricing at only RM 9.83 per day

  • Includes activities and worksheets — It’s not just Zoom class videos!

  • Professional teachers and high quality, interactive lessons

Here’s what parents have said!

"Quality Education"

by Mrs. Wong

Overall is good! This is why The Core is rated one of the best school in terms of balance in education. They have good quality activities, materials used and teachers.

"Makes her wanna learn!"

by Alicia

We especially thank the teachers who run these interesting online classes. Lively and encouraging and follows the school syllabus without fail in every classes. They have studying time, story telling and even drawing and also game time throughout every classes which help to bring out the interest for my children to sit down and wait for the next lesson to come. Really appreciate all the hard work from The Core. Thanks!

"Your teachers are good!"

by Mrs. Tan

It's not easy for teachers to excel in online teaching but my boy can sit down and listen to the teachers and he is happy with it! The teachers are very good!

"We ALL love the classes!"

by Jennifer

"Classes are very good! We all love them! She is very focus and engaged!"

"Truly appreciate the dedication"

by Rachel

My boy looks forward to start his online classes everyday. We truly appreciate your dedication to all the children during this difficult time.

"Well organized "👍


My daughter attended online classes with a preschool from last year (Age 5), and I was extremely pleased with the teachers. I like the platform a lot!! Becoz they have had a good experience with Online teaching since last year, this year they took the effort to also edit the lessons ... So now it's crisp & concise. The other nice thing about pre-recorded is - we can pause, Rewind or fast foward as needed. And can pick and choose which subjects to do each day 😁. They have for age 4, and I think age 3 too. But not overly academic for below 5 Thanks to ALL Teachers Involve KUDOS!!

He is responding!!


Teacher Ria is Great! SW attended a Preschool cost 2 thousand a month. Due to covid, I am working from home. At the same time, I need to take care of a younger toddler. It was a hassle for me to do 3 things at a time. A friend introduces me to The Core VK. I tried and the TRIAL class was so awesome! It helps my 5yo son to learn from home very well! I can guide him after settled my work or after my meetings. Normally if he follows his existing school I find it stressful cause I need to empty out my time to do lessons with him so that I am on track to trace he is not lost. But today with VK, we can learn anywhere at any time even after school hours! This ease a lot of my burden on following the school schedule.

The good program needs to share!

Ms Tan

My boy has been with The Core virtual class since last year when the school closed down due to the Covid-19 outbreak. His school provided videos for lessons at home but I felt they are not comprehensive enough. Hence, I have signed him up for additional classes as revision at home. He really enjoyed the classes. The classes were fun and he was able to follow through with minor supervision. Teachers were engaging, enthusiastic and experienced. I noticed he has learned a lot from the virtual classes and I can see improvement in his studies, which made me signed up for the 2021 virtual class without a doubt. I have recommended The Core virtual classes to a few friends thus far. The good program needs to share!
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Bring Our Teachers Home, Learn Anytime, Anywhere!

Here’s what’s included with your Virtual Kindy subscription!

  • Lessons run for 90 to 120 minutes per day (Monday to Friday)

  • Left-Right Brain Development

  • Motor Skills Exercise

  • English Lessons

  • Bahasa Malaysia Lessons

  • Mandarin Lessons

  • Mathematics Lessons

  • Project (Science Experiment )

  • Practical Life Skills

  • Story Time

Happy Children, Happier Parents!

Enjoy up to 77% discount today!

Select Your Child's Age And Kickstart their Learning for as low as RM 9.83 per day!

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Here’s More Feedback!

The Core Learning Centre

Est 1996

  • Holistic Education

    Preparing children not just academically, but in all other aspects including character building, values & soft skills.

  • Fun Learning Curriculum

    With an internationally recognized syllabus, Virtual Kindy has compiled a comprehensive program for ALL children age 3 to 6 years old.

  • High Quality Learning Materials

    With an online teaching expertise, children can enjoy a smooth learning experience with non pressuring environment and great learning motivation

The Core Virtual Kindy

By The Core Learning Centre

Welcome to your own personal Virtual Kindy. At The Core Virtual Kindy, we aim to provide quality education for ALL children of ages 3 to 6 years old at any time or place in order to ensure that none of them will fall behind in learning. We provide a comprehensive daily curriculum so that children will continue learning no matter where they are.


  • What is The Core Virtual Kindy?

    The Core Virtual Kindy provides a comprehensive online program for all children age 3 to 6 years old.

  • Will there be any live interaction during class?

    All The Core Virtual Kindy classes are pre-recorded for the best quality education for your children! Kindly be assured however, that lessons are regularly improved and kept up to date.

  • Do you provide materials for the children? Do I have to print them out?

    All of the course materials will be inside their respective courses and we will require your cooperation to print them out.

  • Do parents need to accompany the kids during the class?

    We highly encourage parents to accompany or to monitor your kids from a distance to see their progress!

  • What if my child is a new student? Will he/she be lost?

    Our classes are age-appropriate and follows each stage of development. If you have any concerns, please do contact us!

  • What if my children are unable to sit through the entire class?

    All of the class videos are able to be repeated or paused to suit the students' convenience.

  • How many lessons are there in a year?

    We have at least 1000 lessons in a year. The dates in the curriculum will follow the exact Malaysian School Holidays of 2022 and Public Holiday of Selangor.

  • How much does it cost?

    This is a subscription program with a period of 1 year. You may choose between a monthly subscription which is RM 899 per month or opt for our Special Promo price at RM 3588 per Academic Year. The lessons will run from Jan - Dec 2022.

Online Lessons

From 3 to 6 years old, spending 60 to 120 minutes everyday, engaged and focused. Despite the pandemic, none of our children have fallen behind in learning! Most importantly, they get to learn at their own pace

  • Holistic Education

  • Fun Learning Curriculum & Internationally-recognized Syllabus

  • High Quality Learning Materials & Online Teaching Expertise

Why choose us?

  • Learn Anywhere

    At any time with any device: - Tablet, Ipad, Laptop, Desktop

  • Stay Safe

    Stay home and continue learning without any worries

  • Proven Results

    25 years of experience in education, produced many successful graduates

What is included for this subscription??

RM 3588

  • I love your program so much, how much should I pay?

    This is a subscription program with a period of 1 year. Our special PROMO price is at RM 3588 per academic Year. The lessons will run from Jan - Dec 2022.

  • What if I start in March? Am I still able to view January and February lessons?

    Yes, you may watch all of the previous lessons.

  • What if I were to subscribe in the middle of the year (i.e. May, 12)? Will I get the full year's lessons as well? Will there be any discounts since I have missed half of the year?

    In the event as stated above, you will receive access to view ALL lessons of the year. Unfortunately, there will be no rebates because you will have access to the whole year of lessons. However, we encourage parents to let your kid start from the first lesson if they do not have any foundation or have missed classes for a long period of time.

  • For how long am I able to access the lessons?

    You may view the lessons as many times as you wish. Your subscription is valid for one year, regardless of which date you start on, i.e. if you join on 17th May 2022, your subscription will be valid until 16th May 2023.

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